Pillow Providers


Scott with a pile of pillows before heading out.

What Did We Do?

Throughout 2019 we've handed out over 110 pillows and accessories in Minneapolis, St Paul and the surrounding area.  Having a comfortable place to lay your head at night is often overlooked and we believe that everyone should have a new pillow to help them sleep.  Check out our Pillow Provider Project page for more info on this ongoing project!


Our pillows packaged with toiletries for those in need.


One of our pillows packaged with a lottery ticket.


Loring Park in Minneapolis, where multiple families were provided with pillows from our project.

Park Cleanup!


Getting a bag out of the brush.

What Did We Do?

It's spring time in Minnesota which means the snow has uncovered our beautiful parks!  This also means they haven't been cleaned up in quite some time so we went out and cleaned up a few of the parks in the suburbs of Minneapolis.   These are just a few photos of our cleanup efforts.  We challenge YOU to pick up some trash today! 


Don't forget the parking lots!  Those cigarette butts pile up.


Keeping that playground clean for the kids.


Cleaning up the pond and keeping the ducks safe from plastic bags.  


The gazebo area is clean and ready for grilling!

Oppenheimer Park Event


Handing out waters in Oppenheimer Park, Vancouver, BC.

What Did We Do?

Oppenheimer Park is a park in Eastside Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia that houses a large homeless encampment.  During the summer of 2018, Vancouver was hit with a brutal heat wave.  During this heat wave, we decided to head over to the encampment to offer up cold water and fresh fruit to the inhabitants.  Here you'll see a few photos of an afternoon well spent!


Delivering more water to some shade dwellers.


Providing fresh fruit to those around the park.


Getting to know some residents of the park.


More fruit going out to those in need.