Do Positive's Cancer Relief Fund


What Is It?

The Do Positive Cancer Relief Fund is a program that offers financial relief for cancer patients and their loved ones.  This money is donated to help offset the cost of medical bills, wage loss and any other necessary life modifications.  

Why A Cancer Relief Fund?

Our founder, Scott, has overcome stage IV medullary thyroid cancer three times now and understands firsthand how the financial side of this disease can impact an individual and their family.  This fund is our way of recognizing that difficulty and doing our part in the fight against cancer.

Where Did This Idea Come From?

The Do Positive Cancer Relief Fund is inspired by all of the individuals and organizations out there who have created and donated to funds like this one.  We all appreciate your support!  

What Does My Donation Do?

We aspire to help out as many people as possible so with each donation, we move one step closer to providing relief for someone new.  Your donations are what make that relief happen and we appreciate each one!

How Can I Help?

You can join our mailing list for updates or use the button below to  donate and help create our next Pillow Provider Event!