About Us

Meet Our Board!

DoPositive is a 501c3 certified charitable non-profit organization whose purpose is to positively impact the world in which we live and the people around us. This is achieved through our projects, community outreach, fundraising, public calls to action, positive daily actions, random acts of kindness and bringing awareness to all of the great things done by all of the amazing individuals out there making positive impacts upon this world.  It's a challenge to each and every person out there to "do positive" for themselves, for the people around them and for the world we live in each and every d

Our Story

My name is Scott and I am a cancer survivor.  I've successfully battled stage IV medullary thyroid cancer twice now since 2011 and am in the midst of meeting it head on for a third time.  I started Do Positive as a way to honor and thank  all of the amazing people who have helped, supported and lifted me up time and again.  Over the last several years, I've experienced firsthand how positive actions truly do impact us and have made it a purpose to positively impact myself, the people around me and the world in which I live each and every day.  Do Positive is my way of providing an outlet for those in need, an opportunity for those who want to help and bringing an increased awareness to how living positive moments can impact all of us.  Join me in building a more positive world for all of us!  

Our Promise

Through fundraising, charitable partnerships, community events, daily positive actions, social media activity, community and virtual outreach, we will make a positive impact upon everyone and everything we touch.  At the core of what we do as representatives, volunteers, board members, employees or friends of DoPositive is the promotion of a positive lifestyle.